Settlement Service at the Speed of Business.

The turn of the 21st century marked a qualitative change in business productivity, amply described by Bill Gates in “Business @ The Speed of Thought,” and Thomas Friedman in “The World is Flat.” Yet many title and settlement services companies still operate like it is 1999 – or 1929. … many title and settlement services companies still operate like it is 1999 – or 1929.Slow turn times mean late closings for real estate agents and lenders. Late final title policies result in exceptions for loan officers and bank presidents, negatively affecting incentive and bonus income. And consumers are bewildered by the whole process.

After managing title operations for national settlement services companies, Erica Hughes returned home to Arkansas and recognized that every real estate agent, loan officer, mortgage originator, and consumer in the state should be, and could be, serviced better. She originally established Capstone Title Services, Inc. to serve out-of-state lenders who expected, and demanded, that kind of service for in-state loans, then acquired Pioneer Abstract & Title Company, Inc. to bring the benefits of those processes and methods to in-state customers. Merging the companies and now operating as Capstone Pioneer Settlement Services, the firm offers a full range of settlement services – including limited title reports, title insurance, escrow and closing services – to a broad spectrum of commercial and residential customers located in Arkansas and throughout the nation.

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